Insights - 15 December, 2022

Financial Services Leaders: Top-9 Warning Signs of Advisor Turnover

High turnover can lead to deep trouble for big companies and can become a real business-killer for small or unprepared firms in highly competitive industries. Losing staff is extremely costly and arduous when it exceeds a firm's capacity to handle it. In fact, it might cost 1.5 to 2X’s an employee's annual compensation to replace a qualified employee, not to mention losses caused by an overall staff productivity downturn.

Insights - 01 December, 2022

Effective Interview Strategies For Financial Services Leaders

Attracting top talent is critical to any organization's future success. Creating a talent pipeline in your workforce sourcing efforts boosts your chances of employing the top prospects in the financial services industry. Lower staff turnover and more productivity will result from hiring the best talent that comes through your pipeline. On the other hand, employing the incorrect candidate will hurt your business culture and will waste company resources training a person who will only be there for a short time.

Insights - 15 November, 2022

10 Things Financial Services Employers Should Look for in a Candidate

There's a lot that goes into choosing the perfect candidate for a particular role. Recruiters have to look through hundreds of resumes, compare skills and qualifications, and conduct dozens of interviews and evaluations to ensure they're making the best decision for their financial services organization. But as Monster statistics discovered, recruiter confidence in finding the right candidate has fallen from 95% in 2020 to 91% in 2022. Why did it happen?

Insights - 01 November, 2022

Why They Leave: 10 Reasons Financial Advisors Quit Their Jobs

Dealing with the loss of a valuable employee is never easy, especially considering the time and resources it takes to find a suitable replacement, and educate, train, and adapt them to do the job right. Of course, nobody knows for sure whether the replacement hire will take root and thrive within the organization. And if top talent leaves? You may see a wave of resignations from staff members who perceive your company as being a sinking ship. Not to mention the customers whose loyalty to your organization may start to waver as they see your advisors exodus.

Insights - 15 October, 2022

Work From Home for Financial Advisors: Temporary Trend or New Reality?

The work-from-home concept has been on the rise for years, but it's never been more popular than it is now. Recent events have forced employers to reevaluate their policies on working from home. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, an increasing number of people are working remotely full time. For some organizations, that’s a new trend, while others have been doing it for years.

Insights - 01 October, 2022

How Financial Services Leaders Can Show Appreciation to Their Employees

Think of a top member of your financial advisors’ team who does everything perfectly - copes with responsibilities and all the obstacles along the way, develops his skills and abilities, meets deadlines on time, and manages to help everyone around, exceeding all expectations. The question is: when did you last demonstrate your appreciation to this star employee of yours?

Insights - 12 September, 2022

Financial Services Leaders: 7 Signs You’re a Bad Boss (And How to Fix It)

The work of an entire company often depends on the loyalty and leadership qualities of the managers and executive leadership. A competent leader directs and supports the staff, while an illiterate one kills any initiative and desire to do something with a passion.

Insights - 01 September, 2022

The Power of Upskilling Your Financial Advisors

The world of work has a tendency to change constantly. With technology evolving at a rapid pace, it's becoming increasingly important for employees of financial services companies to upskill in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Insights - 15 August, 2022

Red Flags In Financial Advisors' Resumes You Shouldn’t Ignore

We have all heard the story of the little wooden boy whose nose got longer every time he lied. Pinocchio seems to be an absolutely harmless character, right? But imagine he was not a little boy but an adult candidate for a top position in your financial services company, who surpassed all rivals by describing his impressive achievements in his resume and interview. And after you hire him, it turns out he is not that person he claimed to be.

Insights - 01 August, 2022

How Financial Services Firms Can Build A Vibrant Company Culture

Have you ever asked yourself why so many professionals dream of working in an office like Google?

Insights - 15 July, 2022

Should Financial Services Leaders Use Pre-Employment Testing?

There is nothing more disappointing, inappropriate, and costly for a company than a bad hire. According to CareerBuilder, businesses lose up to $15,000 annually for making the wrong employment decisions due to replacement hire fees, company downtime while a position is vacant, and other unforeseen expenses. If we consider the negative influence of a bad hire on productivity and team cohesion, the detriment may become even more significant.

Insights - 01 July, 2022

Financial Services Leaders: 21 Tips for Effective Remote Employee Management

The 2020 pandemic ushered in extraordinary changes at a pace rarely seen in the course of human history, including an unprecedented digital and organizational transformation as billions of people shifted to remote work. Upwork's Future Workforce Report 2021 shows that more than half of the US population worked remotely after the COVID peak for at least one year. Furthermore, about 40.7 million Americans are anticipated to be entirely on Work-from-Home (WFM) status through the next five years.

Insights - 15 June, 2022

Top 7 Ways Financial Services Leaders Can Increase Their Advisor Retention Rate

Employee retention is a deep concern for any company. Searching and training new professional workers costs time and assets while paused long-term projects and lost productivity don’t come cheap, no matter how stable the economics are.

Insights - 01 June, 2022

Why Proper Onboarding Is So Important For Financial Services Firms

One of the most nervous moments in any leader’s job is when a new-hire goes out for lunch break on the first day, and worry creeps into their head, whispering: "How is her first day going?” Or “Does she regret making the decision to join?”. The period of new employees' adaptation is quite stressful not only for them but also for the leader that hired them. Ultimately, it depends on the leader how fast the newcomer will adjust to the working environment, get acquainted with the team, and start to work effectively.