Talent strategy for your organization.


What is talent strategy?

Talent strategy are the pieces of your competitive approach to hiring and interacting with a candidate market.

It is the only way to ensure an organization is ready to challenge their competitors for the best talent on, and off, the candidate market. It aligns teams’ objectives, job descriptions, sourcing, interviewing as well as onboarding and retention of employees through an end to end process. We bucket talent strategy into 4.


The Team and Objectives

Identifying key team members and structure is vital to all organizations that want to compete. While it’s great to have employees that can cover multiple areas, ideally you need specialized units that execute around set objectives, with deadlines.


Job Descriptions and Sourcing

Crafting a strong job description starts with listening to the respective teams’ needs. After collaborating on where the bottlenecks are, and where improvements are needed, the job description takes shape. Assigning specific search parameters for the sourcing is to ensure all is aligned with needs of the team.


Interviewing and Feedback

It’s important to schedule candidates quickly, as well as use the time allotted efficiently. Have the right team members ready and present for interviewing is key. Coming up with important questions to ask, technical and behavioral. Assessments may be required. Feedback and next steps should be reviewed in a timely, but not rushed manner.


Offer, Onboarding and Retention

Onboarding and retention starts on the first call. Formally speaking however, offer testing is a smart way to see where the candidate is before providing something formal. It’s important both sides feel good at the end of this. Have the team objectives ready to present to the new hire, also introduce them to all team members and note important milestones: birthdays, work anniversaries, objective deadlines, etc.