Talent Acquisition

Provision People’s core service is finding that elusive few with the right skills, character, required experience, and talent to be successful in the needed role. We leverage our vast and extensive network to find these candidates, vetting them to ensure we only have the right and best-fit ones. We go all out and creative to ensure no stone is left unturned. Go talk to us so we can provide the details on how we can help you find that magical sparkling rainbow unicorn you need to build that golden bridge to success.

Customer Care

Everything nowadays revolves around great customer experience. While creating one-of-a-kind products and services are one thing, people’s loyalty and patronage are still with those who can provide the best experience and convenience. Provision People’s proven customer centric and data-driven methodologies are exactly what your business need to ensure your business’s competitive edge among the other players in the field. Got a service level to maintain? We got you covered by a team of swift and smart experts to handle any customer inquiry, concern, or request. Concern about Customer Satisfaction? Who isn’t, let us work our magic in providing the best experience for your customers, something worth remembering and telling their family, friends, or just about anybody! Provide us the Key Performance Indicators you hold dear and we will make sure we deliver them all with utmost gusto and efficiency.

Billing and Collection

The pandemic has changed the world so much specially in the economic stand point. We at Provision People understand that this has created a lot of backlogs and setbacks with people’s financial responsibilities and obligations. What makes us different is that we still hold true to the customer centric approach we have in our dealings. We have created ethical processes and channels where we can maximize collecting past due financial obligations with still the customer’s welfare in mind. While we are slowly rebuilding and normalizing things from this pandemic, talk to us on how we can help and assist to get back any lost revenue brought by it.

Technical Support

Technology defines the future of mankind. For the past several decades technology is greatly evolving, making things convenient and more efficient for us. While no tech is perfect, having a solid support team to address all aspects of the product or service will definitely be the winning recipe for success. Having access to our global support team means you can have that robust support you need. Work on your core business activities like research and development to remain in that competitive edge while we work in supporting your products and services. We still leverage our customer centric approach while working our magic to ensure your customers get the best experience and maximize the usage of your products and services. 

Back Office and Data Entry

Documentation, inventory management, content review, proofreading, data entry, and other non-essential routinary tasks usually get shoved in the background but nonetheless is an equally important component in running a business. We at Provision People will take care of these non-core activities and right fit resources according to your needs. Maximizing outputs with utmost accuracy while keeping costs low is our winning DNA for this type of service we offer.

Marketing and Sales

Considered as the lifeblood of any business, Provision People will leverage our proven Marketing and Sales strategies and methodologies that will spearhead any products or services you have. We offer a scalable workforce that will drive any campaign and support any business endeavor. Providing marketing insights backed with real-world data are our strong points, we understand those crucial decisions that can make or break a business. We also have a clear understanding on social media and other platform optimization. As the world evolves so does our solutions to ensure our clients stay relevant in the market and in the pool of current and potential customers.

Virtual Assistant

In need of a personal assistant to work on various tasks at no particular order? Organize your day-to-day activities with ease. Maximize your presence where it matters and leave the non-essential routinary work with someone you can trust. Provision People is in the business of providing the best talent and resources for over a decade now. We find the right fit candidates to match our client’s culture, expectations and level of engagement. Help us find that right match for you so someone else can do the legwork that you don’t have to or delegate tasks that are quite routinary.

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